Famous Pit Bull: Popsicle

"Finding a drug odor is called an alert. Most dogs alert by scratching but true to his pit bull nature, Popsicle prefers to indicate narcotic odors by biting or chewing at the location of the smell. If Rudy weren't quick to intervene, Popsicle could rip the source of the suspicious scent to shreds."

From Dogs with Jobs, Season 2 Episode 2 ~6:00

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Pit bull authority Diane Jessup on the use of pit bulls as police K9s.


Unknown said...

SO fucking stupid. Why use a ticking time bomb that cannot even do the job properly when there are proper dogs? Maybe this one was free, vs the 15k for a real trained dog? Or maybe they want to threaten the people they are searching and pits are still scarier than an attack trained malinois or GSD.

I sure hope he goes pit and gets shot, after talking the arms off of whatever idiot that not only thought about using him for this job, but then went out bragging about it , being a nutter sociopath.

Anonymous said...

You are seriously so fucking stupid you can make any song fight or so bad thing it's all on how you raise them

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

awesome comment "Pit ill lover".


SadFalada said...

Pit Ill lover....you got part of the gospel out correctly, but true to your species, you turned your debating debacle into an incoherent belch. Thank you for keeping it brief.